Heat Wave Part 2

Callie unceremoniously swung her leg over Arizona’s head and rolled off the bed. A sense of urgency had ignited within her and she wanted Arizona: now.

Arizona was still in a crouched position at the end of the bed when Callie reached down for her hands and more or less yanked her up off the bed. Callie’s force purposefully crashed their bodies together and her lips immediately captured Arizona’s as her hands worked on removing Arizona’s remaining articles of clothing. One hand wrapped around to the middle of Arizona’s back and unclasped her bra as the other tugged her panties down. Arizona helped by frantically shrugging her bra off and pushing her panties down to her knees and stepping out of them, never breaking contact with Callie’s eager lips.

Callie gripped Arizona’s shoulders and kept her body close as she pushed Arizona backwards towards the bathroom. Callie guided Arizona into the opening of their shower enclosure, continuously kissing her as they went. Arizona felt her back slam into the wall of the shower as Callie pressed their bodies together. Callie surged herself up against Arizona’s thigh, and pushed her leg up into Arizona’s mound in turn. Arizona’s head snapped back as she gasped at the sudden pleasure. She was so wet from bringing her wife to an orgasm in the bedroom, and the pressure against her clit reminded her how aroused she really was. “Calliope…” she moaned as her mouth dropped open.

Arizona started to rhythmically grind herself against Callie as Callie reached to turn the water on. The powerful spray of water soaked them both within seconds.

“Turn around,” Callie breathed out.

Arizona twisted herself around, never breaking contact with Callie’s body. Callie moaned at the feel of Arizona’s slippery back sliding against her, her arms instinctually holding her close around the midsection. Callie could tell Arizona was eager to get off by the way her body continued to writhe forward even though she lost physical contact to her center. Callie’s hand moved down Arizona’s stomach and her middle finger gently circled the tip of her clit. Arizona’s head leaned back on to Callie’s shoulder and her arm wrapped up and around the back of Callie’s neck as she sighed in approval. Callie’s gaze swept down the tops of her wife’s breasts, her pink nipples, watching the water cascade down her abdomen, and fixated her gaze on the pad of her finger massaging Arizona’s protruding clit. Callie groaned and closed her eyes as Arizona’s writhing caused her backside to press up against her mound. Callie refocused on the task at hand and reached behind her to pull the shower head out of the holder. Callie stopped her movement as she replaced the pressure of her finger with the steady stream of water flowing out of the shower head. Callie continued to hold onto Arizona with one arm around her waist, gripping her hip bone as Arizona brazenly spread her legs to feel the full sensation of the stream of water. Arizona’s grip on the back Callie’s neck tightened as she manipulated her center to achieve the most pleasure.

Callie looked down in awe as Arizona’s lower body undulated against the spray. Callie could see by the curling in her wife’s toes that Arizona was close. She refused to not be the one to bring her wife to orgasm. Callie pulled the shower head away and quickly placed it back in the holder. She felt her wife’s body slacken in her arms at the release of pressure from her clit.

“Callie, I—“ Arizona began to protest.

But she was cut off as Callie gripped her hips and spun Arizona around and back against the shower stall wall. Callie’s lips crashed against Arizona’s and massaged her tongue against hers. She moved on to Arizona’s neck and kissed her way down past her breasts, down her stomach,  to the juncture between her legs. Arizona inhaled sharply as she felt her clit being sucked in between her wife’s lips. She searched for something, anything to grip onto, but was met with cold wet tile. She placed her palms flat against the surface of the shower down by her sides and started moving her hips up to grind against her wife’s tongue.

With her knees planted on the ground, Callie reached up and palmed Arizona’s breast in her hand. Her tongue slid effortlessly over Arizona’s hardened nub as she reached down between her legs and started moving her finger through her own wetness. Callie moaned with her mouth around Arizona’s clit as her finger rubbed circles around her own. Arizona felt Callie’s deep moan vibrate against her center and groaned in pleasure. “Yes Calliope, right there. Please don’t stop. Don’t stop.”

Arizona could feel her orgasm coming to a peak as Callie’s tongue lathed over her clit over and over again. Callie’s moans were getting louder and more frequent which caused Arizona to open her eyes and glance down between her legs at Callie. She gasped as her orgasm hit her full force upon seeing her wife with her mouth around her clit and her hand pleasuring herself between her legs. As Arizona’s hips thrust forward when her orgasm hit, Callie’s hands flew to her wife’s hips to keep her in place as she continued gently kissing and licking her sensitive clit.

“oh god, Calliope, yes yes yes” Arizona breathed out over and over again as her orgasm rocked her body.

When her orgasm subsided and she found her sense of reality again, Arizona dropped to her knees in front of her wife and slipped two fingers into her soaked entrance. Callie took Arizona’s face in her hands and kissed her hard as she felt her wife fill her deeply. “Arizona, oh god” Callie moaned out as she felt Arizona’s skilled fingers work within her and her thumb stroking her clit. Callie felt overwhelmed with sensations when she felt her nipples rub against Arizona’s. “Uhnn fuuucckkkkkk” Callie groaned as she pulled Arizona’s body flush against hers in a tight embrace. Callie rode her fingers until she felt the tingling of her orgasm fading away. “oh god oh god oh god”

Breathing heavily, Callie withdrew from their embrace and gave her wife an appreciative loving kiss.

“That didn’t really make us much cooler did it?”

“Quite the opposite actually” Arizona giggled. 

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