Good Morning

Sunlight filtered into the room as Callie’s eyes slowly opened. She blinked several times as one hand rose up to rub her eyes. Her vision became clearer and her consciousness started to sharpen. Not usually one to wake up without any sort of prompting, Callie groaned and checked her phone to see the time. It was fairly early, so she let out a frustrated sigh and put her phone back on her nightstand. She glanced over at her sleeping wife and her heart skipped a beat when she saw the soft glow of sunlight accentuating the blonde’s beauty. She would never tire of looking at Arizona, and no matter what state she was in, Callie found her wife breathtakingly gorgeous.

The night before they had made love, so they were both still naked. Arizona’s chest rose and fell slowly, indicating she was still in a deep sleep. The brunette’s eyes traced Arizona’s sleeping form with pure admiration. Callie’s gaze lingered at the juncture between Arizona’s legs. Her thighs were slightly parted and she felt a stirring of arousal in her as she recounted what they were doing the night before. Her hand went out to touch her beautiful wife, but hesitated and withdrew when Arizona mumbled something in her sleep. Clearly she was dreaming, and Callie couldn’t help but smile at the adorable unrecognizable words coming out of her mouth. Suddenly Arizona’s hand flopped over and landed on Callie’s waist. Callie’s eyes widened with surprise and exclaimed ‘oh!’ as Arizona tried to pull her closer. The blonde was still very much asleep, so Callie gave in to her dream-demands and cuddled into her wife as she sleepily flopped back over onto her back satisfied with the physical contact.

Callie’s hand drifted across her wife’s stomach, her hand cupping her waist and around the curve of her hip. She revelled in the softness of her creamy skin and decided it was time for Arizona to wake up.

“Arizonaaaa…time to wake up,” she purred softly in her ear.

Her attempt was met with a short disgruntled ‘uhn’ as her head jerked away from the voice trying to wake her from her slumber.

Callie let out a laugh but didn’t stop trying. “Arizona,” she tried again this time kissing her ear and leaving light pecks down her neck. “Wake up beautiful.” She continued kissing down her chest and over her nipple. Her tongue slipped out and rolled around the soft pink bud.

Callie’s entire face was met with Arizona’s palm as she tried to push the offending tongue away. Arizona was starting to drift out of sleep when she mumbled out “Callieeee,” in a pseudo whine.

The brunette relieved her smothered face by planting a kiss on the inside of Arizona’s palm and raised the volume of her once quiet voice as she retreated down Arizona’s stomach. “Time,” kiss “to,” kiss “wake,” kiss “up” kiss. Her pecks going lower and lower down her body.

Arizona’s hand shot out beside her and grabbed Callie’s pillow and firmly planted it over her face. A muffled ‘uh uh’ could be heard from under it.

Callie smiled and spread open Arizona’s legs. She peered at her wife’s immaculately kept pussy. Her blonde hairs were neatly trimmed, her labia plump and inviting, her inner lips an enchanting shade of pink. Placing a small kiss on her clitoral hood, Callie wrapped her hands around the underside of Arizona’s thighs and used her thumbs to part her lips. The tip of her warm wet tongue slid into the opening of her wife’s center and deliciously dragged up the length of her slit with the base of her tongue and took a long lick of her clit.  

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh,” came a muffled cry from under Callie’s pillow.

She continued licking long strokes until Arizona’s hips started writhing into her face and the pillow was removed. Arizona propped the pillow underneath her head and looked down at her naughty and persistent wife. Sensing the movement, Callie looked up and made eye contact. “Good morning,” she said with a smirk. Without dropping her gaze, she took another long sensuous lick as her wife looked on.

“Oh, god,” Arizona gasped as her head shot back down onto her pillow. The lust in her wife’s eyes as she watched her tongue make contact with her clit was unbearably pleasurable. Fully awake and extremely turned on, Arizona propped herself up onto her elbows and watched mesmerized as Callie’s mouth worked its magic between her legs. Unwilling to cum without taking her wife with her, Arizona reached down and gripped her wife’s shoulder indicating that she wanted her to move up.

“Everything oka—“ Callie was cut off as she climbed up when Arizona pulled her down for a kiss. Arizona rolled over and on top of her wife. Her knees were spread apart, straddling the brunette’s hips. She could feel how wet she now was; she was so soaked that she could feel the moisture gathering down around her clit.

“Just. Perfect,” Arizona stared down at her wife as her hand went down in between her own legs, made them slick with her wetness, and slid them through Callie’s slit.

“ohhhhhh my god,” Callie moaned out as she felt and realized what Arizona was doing. She was wet before, but only at her center. Feeling Arizona’s fingers glide over her pussy covered in her own wetness drove Callie wild.

Arizona dipped into her own center to coat her fingers again. With her middle finger she placed the pad of it on Callie’s clit and dragged it down and into her opening. They were now both extremely wet so Arizona didn’t hesitate to add a second, then third, finger as she started a rhythmic pumping. Her thumb gently started massaging Callie’s clit as she groaned in pleasure.

Arizona’s own clit was throbbing with need and she wanted to cum with her wife. Withdrawing her fingers, Arizona kneeled between Callie’s legs. Arizona placed her hands under her wife’s knees, spread them open as wide as they could go and up towards Callie’s shoulders exposing her bare glistening pussy.

Positioning herself above Callie’s center, she lowered herself down and watched as their lips touched and started rubbing against each other. Callie’s mouth gaped open, “ohhhh fuckkk.” They both grunted and moaned as Arizona started rocking her hips; every time she rocked back their swollen clits would slide against each other.

“Fuck Callioppee,” Arizona moaned out. She was about to cum. Sensing this Callie reached down above her own mound and pulled up the skin towards herself, making her clit protrude upwards more. This action further exposed and hardened her sensitive nub. Their wet clits slid together one last time as they both felt the surge of their orgasms pounding through them.

“Ohhh fuck fuck fuck. Calliope fuck. Fuck me oh fuck.” Arizona’s hips rocked forward uncontrollably, grinding into Callie.

Callie’s mouth was set in a silent scream as she felt her walls clench over and over again as Arizona’s wet pussy slid effortlessly against her own.

Arizona released Callie’s legs and collapsed on top of her. They were both now slick with sweat and breathing heavily.

Arizona was in an orgasmic daze. “Wow…good morning.” 

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